Favourite Winter Nail Polishes for 2010/2011

Just because I have rather a lot of nail polish in every conceivable shade doesn't mean that I'm not picky about what I wear on my hands. I want polish that matches my mood, sometimes I want polish that changes my mood. I want something that goes with the clothes I've chosen, the textures I'm wearing, but most of all that matches the occasion and suits the season. It might be shallow but it's a simple pleasure and one that's important to me. With winter looming, parties and celebrations planned, I've been reassessing my collection and picking out what I'll be wearing for much of the chillier days. There are so many new shades out there this year that it's easy to overlook the classics and the old favourites, so my list has a mixture of old and new. So, in another nod to my not-very-well-hidden shallow side, here it is:

The Hip One - Nails Inc Lowndes Square

The colour of the season for fashionistas (and the rest of us) everywhere. We've had griege now Nails Inc, the hippest nail brand out there, bring us grilac - that's grey-lilac to the rest of us! It's pretty in a grown-up way, it's slightly sultry and it will go with all our high-fashion purples and charcoals, silvers, blacks and even chocolates.

The Mini Set - Opi Couture Colour

OPI always bring out great mini collections. For those of us with more nail polish than we dare count, or those wanting to try something different without forking out for a full-size bottle, they are ideal. This particular collection of near-blacks is very daring and vampy and, quite frankly, a little bit vampire … there's a black shot through with teal green gloss, a deep blackened red, a dark purple embedded with violet and magenta sparkle and a matte black. Yes a matte black. A bit goth? Yes. A bit outre? Perhaps. Very hip? Most definitely!

The Winter Red - OPI Vodka and Caviar

Everyone needs a classic red. This one, from OPI's Russian Collection is the perfect red, not orange or pink with just the right touch of blue for a pale winter skin.

The Ice Princess - Leighton Denny Baby Blues

A soft and cool blue with an icy twinkle within. It's very, very different and, the finish is lovely. What Jack Frost's girl would wear.

The Snowman's Eyes - OPI Baby It's 'Coal' Outside

A very special black. It's very glossy and shot through with layers of charcoals and silvers. Definitely for the party season. If you're shy of the whole black thing, then this might be the one for you.

The Silver Lining - OPI Brand New Skates

Gorgeous pewter silver. Infused with shimmer and hints of other coppers and golds so it goes with warm and cool shades of clothes. One of the most fabulous nail colours. Ever. Seriously.

The Cure for Winter Blues - Leighton Denny Ink Jet

A remarkable metallic glossy blue reminiscent of expensive car paint. An amazing expensive looking finish that's almost impossible to mess up.

The Santa-Friendly Colour - OPI A Ruby For Rudolph

Ruby, satiny, shimmery, rich, glossy and gorgeous. And who wouldn't love a colour named after our favourite reindeer?

The Tinsel - Nails Inc Somerset House

It's the time of year when we all crave a glitter polish. And glitter is fab on toes because it's guaranteed to stay put from Christmas Eve until New Year's Day. Red, gold and silver glitter in a red base. Build up the layers for the perfect Dorothy's Shoes look.

The Metallic - OPI Radiance

A brand new colour from OPI's Designer range that contains real diamond dust for a dazzling finish. A gorgeous foil-like silver.

The One That Goes With Everything - Palace Gardens Terrace

A deep taupy-griege from Nails Inc's A/W 10/11. When you want to look like one of those impossibly chic women who always match perfectly? This is that polish.

The - 'Well It Is Christmas' One - China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald

Tis the season to get away with metallic holly green polish.