What's In The Box? Glossybox August 2012 - A Review of Lipcote & Glossybox's Lipstick

August's Glossybox takes an 'International Beauty Heroes' theme and, although it features items from Germany, Spain and even Japan, I thought I'd begin with good old Blighty and the classic product Lipcote.

It might seem slightly surprising that Glossybox would choose to send its customers such an old classic. I remember buying this when I was about 16 on the same day I bought my first red lipstick. And, to be honest, I can't remember how well it worked. I assume I wasn't too keen, since it was the only bottle I ever bought, but I was interested to revisit it this week.

As it happens Lipcote – for those of you that haven't heard of it, it's a transparent, glossy lipstick sealer – has been around in the UK since the 1950s. Longevity like that alone should tell you it works. The website states that it's quick drying and prevents smudges, feathering and fading. But how did it stand up to real-life?

Firstly, as per instructions, I applied a layer of lipstick (Glossybox's own product, but more of that later), blotted my lips with a tissue and then repeated the process. I brushed the Lipcote over the top of the lipstick and around the outside of my lips and then left my lips apart to allow the product to dry. Initially, there was a bit of heat where the product touched my skin, but this soon faded. It wasn't quite as fast-drying as I assumed and remained a bit tacky for several minutes, so I wouldn't recommend doing it just before you go out the door. And the scent is a bit chemically to begin with. Once it had dried it felt, perhaps, a bit 'stiffer' than lipstick alone, but otherwise comfortable. And it was invisible too. If you prefer a matte lip, you are going to see it, but otherwise you won't.

But, most importantly, how did it last? Well, I put it through a big test. I applied it at 10am and didn't even attempt to re-touch it until 6pm. I went out in the rain, had lunch in an Indian cafeteria. Several drinks of cola, a salmon tandoori and a naan bread later, while it wasn't perfect it was still relatively intact. Remarkably after an ice-cream and another drink – this time water from a bottle – it was still visible. I sat in a hot theatre for two hours, ate a couple of mints and used an asthma inhaler. I checked it when I got home – after a long, somewhat sweaty half-hour bus journey – and it was still, faintly, visible. The following day I wore it to the hairdressers (this time with a stronger lipstick), had my colour done, drank tea and had a sandwich and this time it had stayed almost perfectly.

Your going to wonder how it stands up to kissing, aren't you? Well, the truth it, I don't know. During my trial period there wasn't a man handy upon which to test it. Well there was, plenty of men, actually, but none with whom I was intimately enough acquainted, so you'll just have to try that one yourself!

Certainly, for what I wanted to do Lipcote was a success. Will I use it regularly? Perhaps. As it happens I don't mind touching up my lipstick throughout the day. But if I were going to an event where I would not have time, or opportunity to keep reapplying my lippie, then it would be a very worthwhile addition to my cosmetic bag.

NB: On the first day's test I used GlossyBox's own brand lipstick in Glossy Pink. Even though it comes out of the bullet a bit brighter than you might expect, it's a really wearable pink. It gives good coverage, is nicely pigmented and leaves only minimal staining after it's removed.