Time to Autumnize!

Five Things To Get Yourself Ready For Fall!

We may all have a bit of a moan at this time of year. After all, we're all but waving goodbye to the sun until spring time and we'll soon be putting away all those summer clothes and dragging out the sweaters and thermals. 

But just because we're going to be swaddling our bodies in woollies for the next few months, doesn't mean we can ignore our beauty routine. In fact, with so little skin exposed all attention is going to turn to those few areas. And, sooner or later, what lies beneath is going to need to be back on view and if we neglect it now, we just know we'll have a crisis once those party invites start rolling in. So what can we do, to make sure we appear groomed at all times, and keep ourselves, and our skin, ready for anything?

 1   Get In The Mood And Stay Gorgeous

Keeping all that covered-up skin pretty may not seem like a huge priority right now. But, if you neglect it, particularly when it comes to moisturisation, it'll make getting ready for Christmas parties even harder. A couple of minutes a day will save you hours later on in the season. But it can be boring, so why not exchange your usual shower gels, bubble baths and exfoliators for something a bit more seasonal? 

We recommend

L'Occitane Ultra Rich Body Cream and Philosophy products

 2     Lucious Locks

If there's a way to avoid hat hair, other than not wearing one, let me tell you, I've yet to find it. But hat or not, the windier, damper Autumn weather can play havoc with your locks. And while you're not going to avoid entirely your style getting weather-beaten or hat-squashed, you can do a lot to keep your hair in good condition. I always like to use deep conditioners right now. And, if you're a hair colour junkie like me, you'll probably be wanting to rethink your shade a bit. There are literally hundreds of products, both in-salon and on the high street that can offer a great treat for your hair. You don't have to spend a fortune, of course, but I like to use products that are as natural as possible and which offer as much protection and treatment to my specific hair type. And, when it comes to fine-tuning your treatment, it's often the more pricey products that do this. 

We recommend 

Elasticizer by tricologist to the stars Philip Kingsley and the Ojon range.

3    Pucker Up 

Our pouts really take a bashing at this time of year. And there's nothing more irritating, and uncomfortable, than sore, dry, crispy lips. The only answer is to find a really good, long-lasting, emollient lip balm and to slather it on. Add to the extremes of temperature from cold air to central heating, our love of lip-boosting glosses and you have a potential kiss crisis looming. If your lips are not moisturised, they are not supple. If they are not supple when you apply that lip-swelling  pout enchancer, you are going to end up with flaky, cracked lips. If you do still yearn for a bit more punch to your pout there are several plumpening lip products that promise to protect and pamper at the same time.


We recommend 

Gale Hayman Liplift, L'Occitane pure shea butter and Carmex

4    The Gloves (And Socks) Are Off

Well, perhaps right now they're on. But soon enough you'll need to take off those gloves, boots and socks and get those fingers and tootsies out. If you have dry cuticles, scaly skin and chipped polish you're going to regret it. Perhaps more than at any other time of year, your hands and feet are going to let you know it's getting colder. Move to richer everyday hand and foot creams. Use ultra rich versions at night. Keep oiling those cuticles and you might just avoid horrible crispy hands and crunchy feet. 

We recommend 

L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream, Philosophy Exfoliating Foot Cream & OPI Avoplex oil.

5  Give me some colour

 Through the colder months it will be your hands and, come evenings out your feet, that really offer the best opportunity for glamour. And right now nail colour is utterly gorgeous. With warm russets, vibrant true reds, chocolate browns, berries, plums and deep khakis competing with the new textures of liquid metal, shattered topcoats and holographic finishes there is no end of choice for nails. For the fraction of the cost of a new coat, or even a new sweater, you can indulge in a little bit of everything you fancy. And you know it does you good …

We recommend 

The seasonal offerings from OPI, Nails Inc, Ciate and the gel polishes by Red Carpet Manicure.