Here they are…


Come awards season, here at Raggedy Ann Girl In A Barbie Doll World, we like to enter into the spirit of things and hand out a few of our own imaginary 'gongs'. So here are some of our favourites…

Most Stylish Television Series

Pan Am

Forget Mad Men, the new retro inspiration for all would-be fashionistas is sure to be this quiet little television drama. Granted all the cast are exceptionally good-looking and immaculate, but is there any other current television drama with such stylish fashion? Even the sets recreate the colours and shapes of the early 1960s The makeup – you can find out how to recreate it on several online guides – is so flattering and feminine. Fabulous!

Best 'How Did They Do That?' Moment

 – Sherlock

Probably the most talked about series finale of the last twelve months. Sherlock was dead. He jumped from a building. He landed splat on the ground. And yet, a few months later, he's alive. The internet's still alive with conjecture and theory. And you just know none of us will be right. Because if anyone can pull the wool over our eyes, it's sure to be the genius that is Steven Moffat.

Best 'Will-They-Won't-They?' Storyline  

Matthew and Lady Mary, Downton Abbey

From the moment they clapped eyes on each other, we just knew that Lady Mary Crawley and her cousin Matthew were just made for each other. Even when they argued. Even when they insulted one another. When they became engaged to other people. And even when they seemed the most ill-fated lovers in television history. Then, come Christmas Day we got our rewards. Then, with snowflakes floating down from the night sky, Matthew got down on one knee. But this is Downton Abbey where a happy ending is far from guaranteed …

Most Welcome Comeback - 

The Muppets

Possibly the most exciting entertainment event of the year, the release of the new Muppet film has made our year, perhaps even our decade. An all-new story, a new adventure with the promise of plenty of music and humour too. How can you go wrong? Surely everybody loves the Muppets?

Most Guilty Pleasure of Daytime TV. - 

How Do I Look, The Style Network

Okay, I'll admit that I stumbled upon this while I was laid low with The Lurgy. If you haven't yet encountered it, I'll explain. A (semi) reluctant 'victim' who needs a good shake up of her image is given a makeover. Two of her loved ones  and a guest stylist, plus presenter and fashionista Jeannie Mai 'intervene' and throw out all the victim's fashion disasters. The victim then chooses from three fashion collections chosen by her 'accomplices' and receives a full hair and makeup spruce up. I know it sounds like the worst kind of victim television, but it's really not. Every victim I've seen is wildly happy with their new look and with the extra rewards they are given after the reveal. These have ranged from trips to study art in Paris to a full semester's daycare costs while they study at college. It's certainly not highbrow television. But that's really the point of a guilty pleasure, isn't it? And it's fun!

Best Character Exit - 

Becky McDonald, Coronation Street

In the very best tradition of female Corrie characters, Becky McDonald was feisty, strong, funny, soulful and caring. She was also one of the most hard-done-to residents of The Street. Her exit story was dramatic and uplifting enough to do justice to her. Having been betrayed, wrongly accused and overlooked, Becky had her grand moment before sailing, or rather flying, off into the sunset with her sexy new man and his cute-as-a-button son. 

Best New TV Trend - 

The over 5 nights drama

I'm not sure when, or why it started. Perhaps to go alongside those nightly reality shows, but telly executives now regularly bring us five part dramas that are shown over five nights. Yes, it messes up our schedule and puts our Sky Pluses into overdrive, but these intense and intriguing mini series really work. Whether they are crime stories, or psychological thrillers, or even the odd soap running a special story, they keep us engaged.

Saddest series farewell - 


For pretty much an entire decade, and throwing more twists and turns in our direction than a helter skelter, the makers of Spooks kept us on our toes with drama, action and intrigue. Well constructed storylines, occasional and unexpected deaths of favourite characters, revelations, heroism, betrayal and beautiful people added to an intoxicating mix. When it was all over we just felt empty. Let's hope there really are people like that protecting us every day.

Best Thing on Saturday Night - 

Doctor Who

What else can light up a Saturday evening like the Doctor? Every time they cast a new doctor, I'm convinced I won't like them. Convinced it's a casting step too far and yet Matt Smith is just that perfect blend of crazy, fearless whimsy. And I'm sure the show's even better than it was when I was a kid. And I still feel uneasy around Daleks …

Best Awards Night Presenter – 

Stephen Fry

I know, an award for an awards presenter? But Stephen Fry's recent hosting of the film BAFTAS reminded me of why we love him so much. The nation's favourite Tweeter, actor, writer and all-round clever-clogs is the absolute epitomy of British class. He's full of gravitas yet irreverent, witty and whimsical yet informed and self-efacing. Good job Stephen, are you free to present the Raggys?