Well, perhaps not entirely happy. Since it's been an enforced situation. Thanks to a prolonged period of minor accidents and mid-Winter Lurgy-ness Chez Raggedy Ann, I've found myself confined to quarters for longer than I can usually bear. And, boy, has the Internet been my saviour! Because, no matter how stuck at home you are, the World Wide Web in all its glory really gives you a window on the world. 

Over the last few weeks I have been out, of course. But not that far. And not that often. But, with my trusty laptop by my side, I've been able to communicate with people, both those who live near to me and whom I prefer not to infect with my germs, and those further afield with whom I already mainly communicate via electronic means. One of the things I've discovered is that there are a whole lot of other people similarly afflicted and for whom the Internet is providing a similar service.  That doesn't mean that I'm not getting impatient. I can't wait to feel better again, and to get out into actual fresh air for more than a few minutes at a time, but at least while I'm inside, snuggled beneath a blanket, cough mixture by my side, I'm able to enjoy myself.

But, as the title of this article might already have told you, it hasn't just stopped with chatting online, because I've found great fun in 'travelling' too. Via my computer, I've been exploring the world at large. 'Revisiting' places I last saw several years ago.

If this sounds all a bit too couch-potato-ish, then I suppose it is. But, hey, I've been poorly! Besides, there's a lot to be gained from just taking time to find out about a place, whether you've been there or not.  I've learned about a favourite Italian restaurant in Tennessee which was burned to the ground a few years back. And about the baseball team in New York State that was sold and move out of state, leaving the charming ballpark at which I spent one mellow evening in the hands of the local high school. 

All of this left me in a bit of a melancholic mood. But then I began to explore restaurants I'd once passed, but never entered. And to construct trips I could take if money were no object. To 'explore' cities I've yet to visit. And I've found that, with the resources of the Internet at my fingers, there's very little I can't find out.

I've visited theme parks using Youtube. I've ridden on new rides at Universal Studios and  watched parades and firework displays at Fiesta Texas and listened to the sounds of the crowds entering Main Street USA at Walt Disney World. By reading blogs I've gone on safari in Kenya and taken a cruise around the Baltic Sea. I've experienced historical holidays, and educational weekends. Participated in boat trips and sports events as well as, and this is one of my favourites, I've perused the menus of many yet-to-be-visited restaurants. I'm fancying the Macadamia-crusted Salmon with Coconut Shrimp. How about you?

Granted it's a fantasy. And it's not going to cure my bugs or heal my damaged muscles but, hey, it's fun! And, big plus here, it costs next to nothing. Plus you don't even have to change out of your pyjamas, or put on any makeup to do it!