To my mind, at least, the latest Glossybox UK offering is one of the best so far. My first trial this month has proved a revelation.

Dr Jart Premium Beauty Balm is one of those 'new-fangled' BB Creams. An all-in-one makeup base/primer/SPF/moisturiser and a lot of other things too.  

Now, in the past, I've been decidedly unimpressed by any product that purports to do more than one job. Remember those Shampoo/Conditioners that used to be too creamy to clean anything and too soapy to condition? Or the nail polishes that supposedly have a top coat built-in and then peel off inside a day?   To be fair, I tried my first BB cream a while back, largely because I trusted the brand (Smashbox) and was mightily impressed. Although I was not convinced that that product would ever allow me to go without any other layers of complexion makeup. Perhaps if I was nipping to the supermarket, but certainly not at a 'public' event. 

Given that I hadn't heard of the Dr Jart brand before, I wasn't convinced that this one would be any more effective. Just shows how wrong you can be.  Dr Jart's are a brand made in Korea and now stocked in good old British Boots. Perhaps I shouldn't have been so surprised that this was a cut above the other BB Creams I've tried. A quick look at the Dr Jart website reveals that they produce  some 13 different versions!  The version sent to me by Glossybox was the "Premium" version. This is described on the Boots website as  providing "high SPF40 protection with anti-oxidents. A slightly glossy, low coverage cream which helps fight ageing . Particularly suitable for those over 30". It contains lots of skin 'goodies' like peptides and collagen. 

And it really works. You really need only a small amount. Imagine what you think you need and then halve it. My first attempt at squeezing out enough product to cover my face left me with enough to also 'do' my neck and decollete and the backs of my hands! It appears quite dark and, being very fair-skinned, this concerned me. But it blends well and  the rather thick consistency soon smoothes out into a creamy but light coverage. It left my skin looking healthy and feeling protected. I needed only the slightest under eye concealer and, even though I have a little ruddy spot on one cheekbone, I needed no foundation whatsoever. The 'glossy' finish looks natural and glowy (but not so much so that I look like I've been Zumba-ing!). As a matter of interest I later tried it with a touch of powder to tone down the gloss, and it looked equally as good. It stayed in place all day, did not settle into any fine lines and looked natural. Full marks all round. And yes, I will definitely be popping along to Boots to get another once this, rather generous, tube runs out.