I am already a big fan of collagen gel-based skincare. It's a simple, clean and effective way of 'topping-up' your existing regime without adding too many ingredients. It's plumping and soothing and deeply moisturising. And the gel, used widely in luxury spas, is usually not available on the high street in a good concentration. Collin Resultime is a French beauty brand beloved of some very posh beauty salons and spas indeed. The inclusion of its Regeneration Collagen Gel in July's Glossy Box was very welcome and I was interested to compare this very glitzy version to the SBC version I usually buy from QVC UK. Given how pricey this range is compared to the simplicity (and QVC UK buying power) it had to be pretty effective to pull me away from what I was using.

I decided to apply the gel in a thick layer as a mask because this is how I used the SBC version. The effects were every bit as good. My skin not only felt refreshed but looked, and felt, much plumper and smoother and my lines appeared less deep. It applied easily, and gave my skin a pleasant tightened feeling. And had a smoothening effect on my neck. I could comfortably apply my normal skincare regimen over the top. The only real differences came in the fragrance (a pleasant expensive scent – you can tell this is a high-end product from the fragrance alone) and in the price. While Collin's product is available for around £45 for  50ml, QVC's website offers SBC' Collagen Gel at £20.00 for 500ml. And that's quite a hefty difference. And, for me at least, both products do pretty much the same job. And with the much lower cost of the SBC version, I know I can be a bit more liberal without worrying.

Collin's own website tells us that their product contains '15 Skin molecules … combining Vectorised Micro-Collagen, an exclusive active ingredient patented by COLLIN RESULTIME, with 14 other structural molecules naturally found in the skin to regenerate it and preserve its youthfulness.' And while this may well be true (and thus explain and excuse the price), I wasn't convinced enough of a much better result to make me abandon my much more cost-effective current choice.