So here it is, my first review from the July Glossybox. 

Firstly, as someone prone to asthma flare-ups if I inhale too much of the 'wrong' fragrance, I'd like to write about the spray bottle itself. Although mine was, of course, a sample size (actually the small 25ml  £6.50, as opposed to the full-size 150ml £18.50) I was impressed with the quality of the packaging. Sturdy but light, with a spray that is easily pressed and delivers a fine, even spritz of product right where I needed it (ie not up my nose and into my lungs).  So if not aggravating your airways is as vital a consideration as it is for me, this product is worth a try.

A surprisingly sizeable sample

The fragrance is light and fresh and took me right back to my time in Singapore, where ginger and orchids grow wild on just about any land that is not built upon. Perhaps not so surprising, given that awapuhi itself is a form of ginger. 

I have short hair, so don't need too much but even allowing for this was pleasantly surprised with just how far a few spritzes go.

First of all I should probably say that I don't really do lying on a beach or catching the sun. But even I, and the shade-lover I am, recognise that there are times when a great beachy style looks just right. Now we've had a few sunny, warm summer days in the UK, and my hair has re-discovered its natural kinky waves, a product like this really appealed. Sometimes it just gets so humid that there's little point in fighting it.

Another happy discovery was that it didn't leave my choppy  cropped bob either sticky or crunchy. Instead it felt natural but certainly looked beachy. And, a big bonus here, it was full of body.

The texture remained until the next wash three days later, and probably would have gone longer had I not been Zumba-ing every day in 80 degrees.

Would I buy it again? Well that's a good question. Having such short hair even the 25ml bottle is probably going to last me quite a while. But, on the evidence so far? Yes, I probably will. 

 Next week: Monu Calming Cream