The German entrant in August's 'International Superstars' Glossybox theme is the decidely un-Germanic sounding Alessandro Pro White Nail Polish. It's a brand I'd never heard of before and it's made in France. It comes in more than one version (a glitter one, for example), but I was sent the 'Original' one.

I've tried these nail brighteners before. And, to be honest, while they do the job up to a point, I've never been convinced enough to have confidence to abandon full cover polish and expose my 'natural' nails. Not in public at least. So I tried this new product not really expecting much.

It comes in a cute, neat bottle with a black cap that has both indentations for digits and ridges to aid grip. I have to say, probably because I am more used to longer professional brushes, I found this shorter version a bit awkward to handle. But the brush itself hold the product well and, once I found the best way to hold it, had no difficulty in applying it evenly. 

First, let's consider the practicalities. Like most nail whiteners it has quite a strong smell when first applied, so you aren't going to get away with applying a quick coat at your desk without your co-workers knowing. But, since the smell dissipates quickly, because the product is fairly fast drying, you could get away with applying a quick coat in the loos at break time. And, since the bottle is small, it is reasonably 'do-able' to pop it in your handbag or, perhaps more importantly, holiday luggage without taking up too much space. It has better staying power than most of the brighteners I've tried before. Providing you don't apply a great big thick coat, it'll not peel off easily either, and doesn't seem to chip. I managed to make a guacamole (chopping chillies, mashing avocado and juicing limes are part of that process) and my polish still looked perfect. It can be used on both natural nails and enhancements and would be a lovely top coat for a French Manicure (and that particular trend is, apparently, on its way back).

Now let's look at it's effectiveness. The company's website makes a number of claims. It states "PRO WHITE will help to brighten the appearance of the nails, as well as cover up unsightly yellowing."

And, yes, it did do that. My nails (to my eye, at least, a teeny bit stained from previous nail polishes) did appear cleaner and less stained. They looked healthier too. The polish seems to be self-levelling so disguises those slight ridges you might have on your own nails. Of course, it uses an optical brightener and so disguises those stains and dullness, rather than removing them. And that's no bad thing. Too much buffing, or too many goes at the 'bleaching' agents can damage your nails and make them thin and weak. Far better, when you really want your nails au naturale to disguise your imperfections. The finish is very glossy but not, happily so shiny as to resemble a vinyl coating. Put succinctly Pro White leaves your nails looking healthy with a really well buffed finish.

The website also promised 'Perfectly manicured nails that shine brightly, not only look good, but also always project an air of elegance and nobility.'.

Well, I'm not so sure about 'nobility', but that may be more to do with the rest of me than the state of my nails – and to be fair it may have lost something in the translation. But 'elegance'? Well just maybe. They do look good.

Are they bright and beautiful? Well, actually they are. Will I keep using it? Well, I'm a colour addict so it'll be only occasionally, but yes, I will. Well done Glossybox – another big tick!