Recipe:  Danish-style Sugar Brown Potatoes

This recipe was given to me verbatim by the lovely Danish-Canadian Gramm family over dinner on a coach trip around Scandinavia. It constitutes a traditional part of Danish celebration meals and the Gramms serve it with pork. I've tried it with salmon and vegetarian main courses and it works perfectly well.


A small bag of baby new potatoes  - please get the smallest you can. You need to avoid cutting  or peeling the potatoes since the subsequent release of starch will prevent the   glaze from working properly.

A tablespoon of sugar

A tablespoon of butter


First boil the potatoes until they are tender.

Melt the sugar and butter together in a pan big enough to take all the potatoes.

Place the cooked potatoes into the sugar-butter mix and coat thoroughly. Heat and continue to stir making sure the mixture thorougly glazes the potatoes. Turn off the heat and remove from the pan.