OKAY, okay, don't start moaning. I realise that no-one is a great fan of rain. I'm not going to try to convince you that a rainy day is a cause for celebration. Well, actually, I probably am. While this may seem like an annoyingly positive spin on the kind of weather that sours spirits and ruins plans, we all know that we do need the rain. And since, here in the UK especially, we've seemingly been inundated with it for months on end, I think we might just as well try to see the good in it. 

 If pubs aren't your thing, why not spend a while in a teashop, sipping a new blend, indulging in a traditional cake or a toasted teacake? But before that, why not take a stroll in the countryside, or around a park. Breathe in the air, appreciate the scents that the rain brings out. Listen to the sound the raindrops make as they bounce off the leafy trees or splash into newly-formed puddles. Even somewhere very familiar can seem entirely different on a rainy day.  

Back at home again, why not run a nice warm bath. Use that bubble bath you've been saving … for a rainy day. Relax. You've defied the weather, absorbed nature, and now you're lovely and cosy. 


Let's start with the negative positives, if that makes sense. It's raining. You have to go out. To work, shopping, on the school run. Practicality is of the essence. You want to stay dry, and so does everyone else. Nobody really cares what you look like. While you don't want to have mascara dripping off your nose, no-one's going to worry if you don't look glamorous. Also, cloudy skies and heavy rainfall means no sunshine and, therefore, no need for sunblock. If you have had to go out to work, once you're there you can enjoy being warm and dry while others scurry about dodging raindrops. And when you get home, you can just cuddle up inside because nature has watered your garden for you!

But what about days off? Rain has a way of putting paid all manner of recreational plans.  When I was a child rainy days meant my two most feared words in the English language: 'jigsaw' and 'puzzle', but there's really no need to resort to that sort of indoors-only distraction. To me, there's nothing more satisfying than getting togged up and getting outside - you can always warm up later on! If you don't feel like driving, why not hop aboard a bus and let someone else stress about the conditions?  If you really want to be cosy, why not stop at a country pub? Even more welcoming if it has a lovely open fire to snuggle by. 

Plenty to smile about, despite the rain 

But, if you're still not convinced that rainy days can be lovely, remember this … it will stop raining … eventually. Trust me …