Being a pale-face can be a frustrating condition. Never mind that people think you are ill, or that you need 'warming' up, or even that you may be unhappy and depressed solely because you are so pale, just try finding a foundation that matches your skin-tone! I've spent, literally, years searching for a makeup base that doesn't leave me orangey or mask-like. I've been painted and daubed by various 'professional' makeup artists (for that read salespeople) with products they promised would suit, but really didn't. And I've cried (well almost) tears of irritation when trying the supposed 'fair' and 'porcelain' shades of almost every high street makeup range.

It may well be that the 'average' woman can find a suitable foundation shade in the standard selection and be perfectly happy but, if you happen to be very pale (and I suspect the same would apply to those with very deep toned complexions), you can forget it. Some of them offer only four shades. FOUR? Seriously? I've found that it's professional lines all the way. It might cost more than something you picked up in Superdrug (and a very fine shop that is indeed), but at least you're spending money on something that's worth it. Although I have to say that, in recent years, more and more ranges are embracing a wider range of complexions and chemist brand Maybelline now offer an impressive twelve shades, and yet, I'm still to find a perfect match for my skin outside the professional ranges.

Here, with that in mind, are some of our favourites.

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Mineral Makeup (I use Alabaster.)  

If you haven't tried mineral foundation before, it's likely that you'll be wary of the prospect of patting powder on your skin. But mineral foundation isn't really powder, it has no trace of talc whatsoever and so is naturally luminescent. And don't puff it on, you buff it in a swirly motion! It's made from ground up natural minerals and is far less likely to cause any irritation of the skin. As for colour, well the Alabaster tone certainly provides good coverage of a very pale skin without looking in the least bit floury.

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation (liquid format) in (Porcelain.)

A medium coverage foundation in a liquid form. You really need to apply with a proper foundation brush because the formula is fairly runny. The advantage of this is that it is easy to build coverage where you need it. It also lasts all day without sliding off

Bobbi Brown SPF25 Tinted Moisturising Balm (Extra Light)

For those days when you're lucky enough not to need, or just don't want, that heavy makeup feel or look, this hits the spot. With a light coverage and an extremely soothing and calming feel and a soft and dewy finish, the colours are really fairly forgiving. It does come in an Alabaster shade, but this was unavailable when I purchased so bought the Extra Light which looks just as good, just a tad warmer.

Laura Geller Balance and Brighten (Porcelain)

Another 'powder' foundation that shouldn't make you scream with fear. This formula, in Laura Geller's famous 'baked' formula, used to be a creamy liquid in a blend of colours that are swirled together. Then it is poured onto a terracotta tile, baked in an oven and placed in the compact. It doesn't look like a powder, of for that matter a cream, it looks like your skin. Only much better and more even. You use a nice fluffy brush to apply it and, it's so forgiving and simple that you could, should you so wish, apply it in the dark! It also seems to last forever. The original tone is now described as 'medium', her first attempt at a pale-skin friendly product is called 'fair' and this is the latest version. Believe me, it is truly for those with the fairest of fair skins. It covers really well, stays put and is comfortable on the skin. A real winner!

Shiseido Perfecting Refining  Fluid (B00, Very Light Beige)

A truly natural-looking, air-brushing foundation that comes in a very small bottle. You may be tempted to think that you're being short-changed. But this little bottle contains a very concentrated product. A little really does go an extraordinarily long way. It offers an easily buildable coverage and is easy to apply either with a brush or fingertips. Don't use a sponge (unless it's a Beautyblender) since you'll absorb way too much product and use it up in no time! Colour-wise, there are endless options depending on tone, shade and depth. 

New CID i-Perfection (Nougat)

With their fabulous components, you might expect that New CID is all gimmick and no quality. You might, but you'd be wrong! Like all New CID makeup products this is of very high-quality, easy to use and effective too. A simple pump dispenses the precise amount you'll need to cover the entire face and the coverage is good and easily adaptable. The colours are flattering too and doesn't it make a change for a foundation for very pale skin not to be named after something unappetising?