With new beauty delights coming on to the market weekly, it seems there's always something new to try. It can be utterly bewildering, so here are just ten of our favourite new discoveries …

The New Brand 

With their origins in one of the United Kingdom's busiest makeover studios, you'd expect that the creatives behind New CID Cosmetics might know a bit about how to make a real difference to a woman's appearance. But what you might not expect, with such a competitively-priced range is very high quality products that are easy to use and effective too. And which, it has to be said, utilise some of the most innovative and useful packaging on today's market. Components for products like eyeliner palettes and blushers routinely have really good mirrors attached. And lip glosses and lipsticks have mirrors and lights attached (just brilliant for touching up in a restaurant or in the back of the car). Their products are available from several instore outlets, from their New ID Photo Studios, online and on QVC UK.

The New Skin Saver

Ultrasun have long been a favourite SPF brand here at Raggedy Ann Girl In A Barbie Doll World. With very high-end sun protection products, employing high SPFS that you need only apply once a day, they give you the freedom to live your life without the need to reapply sunscreen every half an hour. Now, and currently only available on QVC UK, Ultrasun have brought us Ultrasun SPF 50 Face a fabulous new once-a-day facial sun protector that not only blocks almost all potentially ageing and damaging sunshine, it also contains Ectoin, a new anti-ageing ingredient that makes this sunscreen perfect for your delicate face.

The Perfection Faker

One of the newest cosmetics on the market is the BB cream - or beauty/blemish balm. Smashbox, who have just launched their own website in the UK, as well as being available through QVC UK, have one of the best - the Camera-Ready BB Cream SPF 35Originally popular in East Asia, where it often contained skin whitening and brightening agents, it has increasingly become a staple in the beauty aisles of Western shops. Bascially, they are a tinted moisturiser with extra skincare and makeup primer built in. Offering light coverage, but great texture to the skin, they can be layered under other makeup products, or simply worn alone. But what they really do is make your skin appear nearly flawless. And what more could a girl want?

The New Foundation

One of the problems with full coverage foundations come summer time is that they are often really obvious in daylight. What you might get away with under candlelight, can be cruelly exposed once it gets hit by sunshine. And once it heats up, many foundations can slip right off your face. American makeup artist to the stars (she's worked on Beyonce and J-Lo) Mally Roncal has solved both these dilemmas. Mally Ultimate Performance Foundation is almost undetectable in daylight, provides full and buildable coverage, glides onto the skin and leaves it with an airbrushed finish. 

The Lasts Forever Eye

One of New CID's latest products is their Longwear Cream Eyeshadow. Available in a host of shades, it applies and blends easily, either with a brush or your fingers, gives a lovely colour wash, or a more intense effect and it lasts for hours. But unlike many long-wear products, it doesn't take an age to remove. Just a proper cleanse with your usual makeup remover should do the trick. 

The Gimicky But It Works

New to the UK from Nails In Motion - The Mani-Pedi Protection Kit is what might, at first seem like a gadget too far - little nail protectors that slip over your fresh manicure to protect it while still allowing you to put on your coat, pay for your treatment, pay for the bus and even open the front door without getting smudges, dinks and scratches on your expensive new nails. They come packaged with a pair of pedicure sandals that feature individual toe separators that are much more comfortable than those horrible polystyrene ones you usually have to wear. And, a real bonus, they are suitable for outdoor wear.

Just one word of caution, if you have especially thin fingers, you may find you need to adjust the fittings.

The Time Saver

Say it very quietly, but dry shampoo really is the way to go. No longer the horrible and obvious white stuff of our childhoods, dry shampoo has had something of makeover. Possibly as a result of the festival industry, it's no longer something only for the lazy. Many of the professional hairstyling ranges now offer at least one option. You can choose to suit your mood, your hair colour and whether or not you want to increase your volume. Although we'd all love to be able to wash and style our hair every day, we don't always have time. And if we do, we run the risk of fading out our expensive salon colour. And, if we can get an extra day out of our style, without our hair looking sad, why wouldn't we?

The Bad Hair Solver

As part of their new 'Super Style Heroes' range, L'Oreal Professionnel bring us Horizon Fix, a hairspray with a difference. Targeted at the roots it can give amazing lift and volume that will last all day, revive a flagging style, and for those wanting to transform soft hair into something that will anchor a hat or fascinator for a wedding or day at the races, it's pretty much unbeatable.

The Not For Kids Stickers

Nail Rock are instant nail art stickers that you can do at home. With a huge range of designs from animal prints, metallics, patriotic red, white and blue and even fabric prints, Nail Rock can, literally, match your every mood and outfit. With new seasonal collections and limited edition sets, you need never get bored. Easy to apply and to remove, and fairly long-lasting Nail Rock is ideal for anyone who hates painting their nails.

The 'It Does Everything' Product

Welcome to the new wonder product – Moroccan Argan Oil. If you want something to apply to your hair to leave it soft, shiny and frizz free or something that restores the plumpness and glow to your skin, that hydrates even the driest of shins and soothes the most irritated of elbows and something that is light, easily absorbed, leaves no residue and doesn't smell of anything other than a gentle and clean nuttiness, then Argan Oil is what you need. There are dozens of products on the market that contain varying degrees of this 'miraculous' oil. But we've found that the most effective formulation is a simple, unadulterated pure argan oil. You need to take care to purchase the real thing, but once you find it, you'll wonder how you managed without it. How can something so effective and versatile, cost so little? Who knows, but it's one miracle we can believe in.