For the manicure minded, each changing season marks a new beginning and an exciting one at that. All those new products, styles and colours to consider. So, just what do we need in order to achieve that fashion-nail balance in all its gorgeousness? Well, we like to think about what kind of character we're trying to project with our fashion choices. And, whoever you are today, there's plenty of choice. And you can be somebody else tomorrow …

I’m a Lady

Sometimes you just need a really suits-all neutral nail. The greige-taupe trend has been around for a few years now. But each season nail polish manufacturers seem to be able to turn it on its head. Who'd've thought beigy-grey could be so varied? This year the very best comes with a slightly pearlised  twist. Nails Inc's Chester Street is a delicate greige that shimmers and shines. Serious enough to satisfy the bank manager, yet souped-up enough to be really special.


I'm A Snow Queen

As everyone knows true snow maidens wear red. And it's true that there's absolutely a red for everyone. We actually think there are more than one, but this year's choice is a vibrant, defiant  tomato red shade. All gloss and 'look-at-me', Nails Inc’s bright and glossy tomato red Chelsea Bridge Road makes a real impact. If you have too much colour in your hands to rock a clean tomato shade, why not try it with a metallic, pearlised or glass-gel consistency?


I'm Mrs Christmas!

Usually we'd say that Christmas means an opulent red or a velvety green, but with so much embellishment and richness out there for everyday colours, the situation calls for something more … more. So why not do yourself up like a Christmas tree and go for gold? In fairness, our choice – OPI's Goldeneye, from the James Bond-themed  Skyfall Collection, is a lot classier than that. It's basically a bright gold glitter in a clear gold base. Two coats provides full coverage and it looks very expensive, as if someone had put glossy gold leaf directly on your nails. If you're going to do gold, you might as well do it properly!

 I Live in an Ice Hotel

Well actually we don't. But if we did then we'd want to dress our nails in something appropriate. And what could be more suitable than one of the fabulous new deep blue sparklies?  Nails Inc's Sloane Gardens is a deep navy glitter in a navy base. Do you want your nails to look like the stars shining in a perfect night sky? Of course you do! And now you can.


I Play in the Snow

When you're outside on a snowy day, all togged up and looking snug, you really need something that, once you remove those gloves, gives your hands a look of glamour, yes, but also that looks like you're ready for anything. Nails Inc Disco Lane is a brilliant black gloss mixed with rainbow holographic particles. Not only does it look hardy, it lasts really well too. And you just know it's going to 'go' with all those black feathers, furs, woollens, tapestries, beads and leathers. 


 I Want to Surprise You

Last season's surprise hit colour was neon blue, sported by no less a personage than Beyonce. And, guess what?  That shock of blue is back. But with less neon and more richness. Really want to create a stir with the very latest, shocking selection? Try Nails Inc's bright, vibrant cobalt blue Southwark. It's winter's Baker Street.


I'm a Snowwoman

If you want to attract that snowman next door, then you need to look the part. For really lovely, appealing, icy fingertips, you need a shimmery metallic. OPI's The World Is Not Enough is a fabulous taupey silver which will go with yellow and white metals and suit just about any skin tone from deepest ebony to whitest alabaster. And it looks cool, too.

I'm a Nudist, well nearly …

Provided you have very well manicured fingers (ie no scruffy dried out cuticles), the ‘polish-free’ nail looks clean, fresh and uber stylish. It screams "I’m so confident I don’t even need to have fabulous colour on my nails". However there are, if we’re honest, few of us who can, or care, to pull this one off. But you can pep it up a bit. Why not try a reverse French? A nude or clear-polished nail bed with the tip defined in a glitter, a metallic or a a daring deep plum can look very edgy and very on-trend.


I'm an X Factor contestant

Just like those pop-star wannabees, and the celebrities that inspire them, sometimes a bit of bling is the only way to go. And there's no end of choices for those wanting to save a bit of cash and go via the do-it-yourself route. From nail wraps with crazy patterns and stickers or crystals to beads, flocking powders and outrageous glitter, there's very little you can't put on your nails these days. Whatever you want to do, it'll probably look okay because it's all about pattern and texture and, if you really can't bear to go the whole hog, there's always the funky ring finger mani. We love Nails Inc's Bling-It kits, Nail Rock's wraps and Ciate's Caviar, Velvet and Sequin manicures.

I'm Glam

Oxblood. It doesn’t sound very nice, now does it? But it’s a colour that's everywhere right now – from sweaters and coats to accessories and jewellery. Why not complete the look with nails. Nails Inc’s perfect oxblood shade –called Oxford Square – what else?