Channelling your inner Muppet can work absolute wonders!

There's no getting away from them. With a new movie delighting audiences and their two major stars about to present an award at the Oscars, the Muppets are everywhere. And I couldn't be more delighted. Because since I was a little girl they've just about been my favourite television characters. And, even since way back then, the wonderful Kermit the Frog has been my personal hero. 

To the casual observer this might sound a bit daft, so let me explain. I'll begin with the obvious question. Why not Miss Piggy? As much as I love the Divine Swine, and I truly do, I just don't identify with her. She's glamorous, she's feisty, she's uber-confident, successful and completely unafraid to put herself in the spotlight. And I admire all those traits. I also respect her for her no-messing attitude and that swift karate chop inflicted with such aplomb on any and every idiot she encounters. But Piggy is pretty special and for those mere mortals among us, that type of diva-licious behaviour just doesn't cut it. We simply don't have the style to carry it off. But Kermit? Well, he's a very real and down-to-earth chap. And besides, even the fabulous Miss Piggy loves him to bits.

I always loved how Kermit tried to hold things together while chaos erupted all around him.  It didn't matter how badly things seemed to get, Kermit just kept going. Ever-professional, always polite, often exasperated Kermit just wanted to get the job done properly. He wanted nothing more than to do his best and for all those around him to do the same. Of course it seldom happened. Thanks to the anarchic troupe that made up the Muppets, the colliding egos of Miss Piggy and any female guest star, and the general mayhem every show threatened to fall into disarray. 

Now, I'm not going to claim I've ever tried to put on a theatrical performance. Or, for that matter, a television show based around one. But I've encountered more than a few muppets-with-a-small-'m'  along the way and I'm sure we can identify with someone fighting to keep everything going against the odds. 

When it comes to determinedly swimming against the tide, who better than a frog? Well, a salmon perhaps, but you get my point.

But there's more to my admiration of Kermit than his professional attitude. There's his personal philosophy too. He's proud of his swamp roots and happy in his own green skin as his most famous songs – "Rainbow Connection" and "Being Green" reveal. I'm not the only one to pick Kermit out as a great role model. So respected is our favourite frog that, in the mid-1990s, he was asked to speak before the famous Oxford Union and, despite suspicions that one of the world's greatest universities had 'dummed down' for publicity's sake, his speech received many plaudits.  

And it proved a good thing because, as the first amphibian to speak there, Kermit knew: "The responsibility of representing an entire species rests on my shoulders." Among the topics he discussed were how his academic aspirations were cut short by the poverty of his family: "I had over four thousand  brothers and sisters". And, perhaps, a little self-preservation came into play. Kermit again: "Like most frogs, I could have gone into biology and majored in dissection, but I wasn't really cut out for that." And he urged students to "go green" by cleaning up their rooms and advised female students not to kiss frogs because there were already enough princes in Britain.

You see? He's wise too! There are undoubtedly aspects of the other Muppets that we can draw on. Like Fozzie Bear's unshakeable belief in his own comedic talents, despite all evidence to the contrary. And Gonzo's extraordinarily dangerous, and usually ill-fated daredevilment. And we've probably all got just a little bit of the nihilistic Animal just bursting to break free. But for me, it'll always be Kermit. And the Divine Swine Miss Piggy certainly agrees.  

And you have to admire how Kermit handles all that amorous attention from his co-star. No matter how much that pretty porcine pursues him, Kermit always seems to be just a step ahead. After all, he's much too busy trying to keep the shows on air to get distracted by romantic dalliances. 

As Kermit notes: "Miss Piggy and I have a professional relationship. I think we're professionals, she thinks we're in a relationship." But you know, I get why Piggy's so keen on him. He's smart, he's soulful. And whimsical and sophisticated. And there's something decidedly appealing and charming about him. 

So, for me, Kermit is the ideal role model. And I'm more than happy to find the amphibian within. And maybe keep just a little piece of Miss Piggy's kick-ass attitude to boot! 

But if you're still not convinced about the role model worthiness of my favourite amphibian, why not see for yourself? 

The Muppets is on release at multiple cinemas across the United Kingdom right now.