I should probably begin by saying that I had a lot of trepidation before using my first choice of product from the  latest GlossyBox offering.  It's a leave-in treatment and, having the kind of fine, if plentiful, hair that can go from voluminous to droopy in a few minutes, given the right (or wrong) conditions, I was less than happy about using something that not be rinsed out before I styled my hair. But I was curious. And I did promise to review most of the items I was sent. So it seemed only fair to try it. I wasn't planning on going any further than the supermarket, so the possibility of floppy, flimsy hair wasn't of too much concern. That was last Wednesday. To my surprise, while it did leave my hair less bulky than I'm used to, it hasn't really wanted re-washing until today. (Just as well it still looks okay, since our shower has just conked out – but that's another story,

            You apply a pea-sized amount of the BioSilk Silk Therapy to wet or dry hair. I applied it to the former. The manufacturer's blurb states that the silk proteins in the product – an expensive-smelling serum-gel – strengthens your hair from within, while vitamins and botanical extracts help your hair retain moisture and protect it.

            To give it a proper, unadulterated, test, it was the only product I applied to my hair after washing and conditioning. I used no styling products until it was dry and then only a hairspray. The first thing I noticed was that the product was not at all greasy, although it did impart amazing smoothness to by skin. So much so that, until I washed my hands, I had trouble gripping on the styling brush and hairdryer!  My hair dried perhaps a little slower than usual and I was not able to add much volume or height to the crown. But I did have super-smooth hair when I'd finished. With hair that tends towards a kinky wave and is prone to curling up in damp weather, I was impressed. Particularly since I didn't have to use my GHDs. And my hair was very glossy. At the moment it is heavily highlighted and so getting any kind of reflection or shine takes a lot of work. The shine, and the straightness remained as strong and noticeable throughout the week. 

            And this is the great thing about GlossyBox. It allows you to try products you'd never had touched otherwise. And, once this quite generous tube is gone, I'll probably be ordering a replacement. I won't use it every time. I'm too connected to my funky wave for that. But, for the days when I want easily controllable, smooth hair, I don't think I've ever found anything to beat it.