You Need Glamorous Winter Nails Right Now!

Now, here at Raggedy Ann Girl, we don't usually like to go around telling people what they must do, but when it comes to nail polish we do have a particular passion. Because, no matter that you can't afford to buy an entire new wardrobe in 'this season's' colours, (and who can these days) there is nothing so satisfying as freshening things up a bit as we move through the seasons. With its relative low cost, a new nail polish in a hot new shade is the perfect, and affordable, way to keep up with the trends without having to rely on the cooperation of your bank manager. 

So, to make life easier, we've gathered together our take on this winter's top nail colours and textures.

The New Black

This year's black isn't really a black at all. Just about every major nail polish manufacturer has its own take on almost black. From teal-black and plum-black to deepest midnight blue and even dark forest green, shades that are very nearly black are the way to go this season. And they have the advantage of not looking quite as 'gothicky' as those ultra blacks of last year. 

We like: Leighton Denny Your Planet or Mine –  fabulous deep petrol blue-green-purple black that  seems to adjust to whatever shades you are wearing. And Nails Inc's Chelsea (plum black) and Kensington (teal black).

This Year's Red

For Winter 2011/12 red is bright, bold and unapologetic. Clear, rich and highly-glossy reds always look glamorous and expensive. And for paler winter hands they bring a lovely touch of colour just peeping out of winter coat or woolly jumper sleeves. 

We like: Nails Inc Charing Cross – as bright, pure and glossy as a red can get and Butter London's Come to Bed Red – a classy red with a retro feel.

The Every Day Nail

Don't want to keep changing your nails every time you change your dress? You need this year's take on greige which, if the major nail brands are to be believed takes the form either of a deep, rich grey, or a dark chocolate brown.

We like: Nails Inc's St Pancras (dark chestnut brown) and Paddington (deep khaki grey) or OPI's Get In The Expresso Lane (darkest coffee) and Butter London's Chimney Sweep (deep charcoal).

The Metallics

If you love the idea of shimmering metallic nails but find the reality of it just a little bit disappointing, this year might just be your year. Yes, there are the usual bright shiny golds and silvers but this season those standard metallics are joined by subtle rose golds, platinums, chromes and even colours like reds, purples and blues. Not a fan of garish gold? Plump instead subtle, authentically metallic car-paint like finishes in a wide range of colours. Yum.

We like: Nails Inc's Downing Street (blue), Old Park Lane (antique rose) and Regent Street (purple).

The Edgy One

Every season there is a huge furore about the latest Chanel colour of the moment. Right now, it seems to be Peridot. But, as usually happens with any Chanel colour, you need to join a very long waitlist even to stand a chance of getting a look at a bottle. Instead, why  not find a similar shade? 

We like: Butter London in Wallis – a fabulous gold metallic with a green cast. Very similar to Peridot but a little dirtier and so much edgier. And, when it comes to nails, you can't go wrong with edgy.

The Special Effects Instant Nail Art

Everywhere you look right now nails are getting funky. Whether it's the multi-coloured ring-finger manicure, or self-adhesive nail wraps, patterns, textures and optical effects are popping up on celebrities. Among the easiest are the shatter or crackle top coats from companies like Nails Inc and OPI. And, of course, by applying a top coat you can give extra life to a chipped manicure. Nails Inc, always at the very forefront of nail fashion, also have their 'magnetic' manicures for a fabulous two-tone stripy effect that looks like it was airbrushed on and took hours to do (when you only took 15 minutes) and a new holographic 'overglaze' to give a multi-dimensional glossy effect over black or almost-black polish.

We like: OPI in Shatter Black, Silver, Red and White, Nails Inc Magnetic in Trafalgar Square (chrome and black) and Houses of Parliament (purple and black) and it's definitely worth checking our their Gossip Girl duos for the overglaze.


The Fun Ones

Everybody loves the Muppets, right? So what could be more perfect than OPI's Christmas party season colours produced in conjunction with the new Muppet movie? With colourful and sparkly shades based on our favourite characters, we couldn't wait to get our hands on some.

We like: OPI The Muppettes - mini nail lacquers in Wocka Wocka, Excuse Moi!, Designer … de Better and Warm & Fozzie.

The Colour You Never Thought You'd Wear

Remember when you first saw black nail polish? Or mushroom? Or even navy blue? And how you swore you'd never wear it? Well, get ready for russet. More forgiving than terracotta, more exciting than taupe, more timid than full-on red, russet works with most tones of skin. And you'll probably like it more than you think you might. 

We like: Nails Inc Fenchurch Street (creamy rich russet).


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