Raggedy Ann Favourite Films

Now, I'm always a bit wary of publishing lists of favourite anythings as a somewhat self-indulgent assumption that my opinion should matter one jot to anyone else. So please take this list as a suggestion, a recommendation if you like, of films which I've enjoyed.

Some you will have heard of, some are very famous, some tiny little indie films that ought to get a more mainstream audience. So, on the off-chance you might want to take a look, here goes. And remember to check the censor classification before watching them with little ones or people of a sensitive nature! Not all my choices are that Raggedy Ann!

My favourite Rom-Com - a Sandra Bullock/Bill Pullman film - is: While You Were Sleeping.

Wilby Wonderful is a cute little Canadian indie film about how a small town in maritime Canada, and its quirky inhabitants, deal with a potential scandal.  The first film I saw at the cinema (I was 5) is the animated version of Charlotte's Web. I much prefer this to the recent 'live-action' version - it's so much more charming!  The Star Wars Trilogy (Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi too) is actually three films, of course, but they were the first true blockbusters and are really one long story. Last Night is another Canadian film about the last night on earth and how a disparate, but connected, group of people choose to spend their last hours of life.  The Untouchables is certainly a violent film but it has to be the most stylish gangster film ever.  If you want something safe for all the family you might try Bambi, although I have to warn you, when I saw this at the cinema, aged about 7, I cried my eyes out!  Probably my favourite film of all time is Field of Dreams which is much more than a film about baseball - it's about hope and faith and love and if you don't like it, you've probably got no soul. I couldn't really make this list without at least one film with Hugh Grant. So I've chosen Love Actually. And if you don't like Hugh then there's a huge and famous cast (some before they were all that famous) and it's romantic, and funny and it's Christmas - so what more do you want?  Any 'best of' film list must surely have at least one Hitchcock?  My choice is Rear Window. With James Stewart, Grace Kelly and Raymond Burr it's classy, thrilling, surprising, suspenceful and just a little bit sexy.