You've probably noticed that here at Raggedy Ann Girl In A Barbie Doll World we're quite happy to embrace each season as it comes along. But even for us there are times when we need to just ease ourselves from one season into the next. Especially when that outgoing season seems to have been as short-lived as our last British summer has done.

Thankfully, there are ways to recognise that the season is changing, while still hanging on to the last dregs of sunshine. As ever, one of the simplest is to make a change in our nail colour.

While our choice of clothes, at least as far as practical coverage goes, will be dependent on the climatic conditions we face, our choice of nail colours can be entirely subjective. And this allows us to dabble in pretty much any mood we prefer.

Of course, if we really want to have our nails 'just-so', we still need to pay close attention to what works, and what doesn't. Here's our take on two routes you can take to successfully juggle that summer-autumn transition.

Option One: The Classics

Most of We The Nail Obsessed already have a good selection of these colours. Perennially on-trend, you really can't go wrong with any of them. Just find a shade that suits your skintone, and away you go.  Here are some of our favourites:

Classic reds like Nails Inc's Tate or OPI's Vodka & Caviar look clean, and glamorous. If you shy away from full-on red, why not try OPI's Malaga Wine - a bright claret tone, or Royal Rajah Ruby – a deep, glowing darker red.  For the colour-confident, extreme dark colours fit the bill. Try Nails Inc's classic Black Taxi or slightly less Gothic deep grey The Thames, OPI's chocolate-cherry tone Lincoln Park After Dark and Orly's deepest plum Naughty. Nude tones, too, offer a one-colour-suits all solution. We like Ciate's complexion shades, Nails Inc's Porchester Square and New CID's Tiramisu.

Option Two: True Transitionals

If you want to be a bit more obviously seasonal selecting a colour that is right on trend now and will carry you through to the depth of winter is the way. Brights with a difference like Nails Inc's neon blue Baker Street is a favourite with celebrities and girls on the street alike. It works with almost everything precisely because it goes with almost nothing. And it's predicted to be one of 'the' colours of the winter too. Metallics are just about everywhere. If you try a rose gold it won't really matter whether you prefer white or yellow metal jewellery. We like Nails Inc Great Tichfield Street. If you prefer something edgy but professional, go for a deep charcoal like Nails Inc Maddox Street.  But our favourite way to ease into autumn is just to 'go for it'. And we love Nails Inc's Welbeck Street – a fabulous autumn-in-a-bottle shimmery coppery bronze brown.

But if you really just want to get into the spirit of the season, we'll be featuring the Ultimate Autumn-Winter 2012 Nail Collections very soon. 

In the meantime happy painting!