Raggedy Ann Girl's Christmas Playlist

We all know that shops, malls, supermarkets and pubs tend to have a very small, and very predictable playlist of 'classic' Christmas songs that they repeat hour after hour, day after day, year after year. Why? When there is so much to choose from? Admittedly there's probably a limited number of songs, but surely they don't have to be by the same artists all the time?
Here, while acknowledging some of the more traditional Christmas songs, are some that are a little different. But all are guaranteed to add the right Yuletide spirit to any Christmas gathering.

1 Frosty the Snowman - Ella Fitzgerald

The smoothest, most velvety voice and a jazzy edge - perfection!

2 Santa Baby - Eartha Kitt

Forget Kylie, forget the Pussycat Dolls, there's only one version that positively purrs …

3 I'll Be Home For Christmas - Doris Day

Doris's smooth vocals are good enough to pull anyone home for Christmas

4 Jingle Bell Rock - Brenda Lee

It's bright, it's merry & it's fun to sing along to!

5 Holly Jolly Christmas - Faith Hill

A modern, yet classy re-take on the Burl Ives original. It feels old-fashioned, even if it's not.

6 O Holy Night - Christina Aguilera

When you have a song this lyrically uplifting and vocally complex you need someone with a pair of lungs on them and gymnastic vocal chords … so Xtina's the woman!

7 A Marshmallow World - Frank Sinatra & the Rat Pack

A jolly, if rather twee song, but the Rat Pack make it all so cool … and they're clearly having fun.

8 Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow - Martina McBride

One of the purest voices in modern country music, Martina's vocals are perfect for imparting the crisp frostiness of the lyrics.

9 Candles Glowing - Marlene Dietrich

It's moody, very nostalgic and just a bit different. Impress your friends with your wide knowledge of Christmas music!

10 Dreamy Old New England Moon - Dean Martin

Sprinkle her hair with stardust, Shower her eyes with dreams - okay, not technically about Christmas but, trust me, it works.

11 White Christmas - Bing Crosby

Well, you didn't expect me to leave this out, now did you?

12 Do You Hear What I Hear - Vanessa Williams

She may be more famous for her roles in Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives but this former Miss America has a fabulous singing voice and there's nothing desperate or ugly about this track.

13 Mistletoe and Holly - Frank Sinatra   

'Oh by gosh, by golly, it's time for mistletoe and holly' sings Frank in this charming song. And so it is …

14 Canadian Sunset - Dean Martin

Swoosh, swoosh … you can almost hear the sound of skies against snow. Deano really knew how to put you in the Christmas mood.

15 Zat You Santa Claus? - Louis Armstrong

A unique, sassy, jazzy song from Satchmo with a big band sound too!

16 Sleigh Ride - Jo Dee Messina

It's cute, classy and with just a little touch of country

17  Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer - Dean Martin

The coolest, most celebrated reindeer as told by the coolest, most celebrated good-time guy? What else?

18  Little Donkey - Nina & Frederik

We all sung it at school and, while the sound of a school choir brings a tear to the eye, plenty of adults have recorded it too. This version is my favourite, but please don't try the Gracie Fields version …

19 A Baby Changes Everything - Faith Hill

A modern carol, that could just be a great song if you don't analyse the lyrics too much.

20 Not Tonight Santa - Girls Aloud

"Ooh, ooh, you give me something I could never get from Santa Claus baby, Ooh, ooh, I'll let you peep inside my stocking if you show me yours …" Okay, it's neither classic or classy but with lyrics like that it surely deserves a place here? Genius!


21 Everybody's Waiting For The Man With The Bag – Kay Starr

"Old Mr. Kringle is soon gonna jingle the bells that'll tingle all your troubles away.
Everybody's waiting for the man with the bag …"

Yes we are, and we like to sing about it too. Swingy, classy and very, very cool. Fab-u-lous!

22 Peace Shall Come – Hayley Westernra

A proper, modern carol seen, pretty much from the Wise Men/Three Kings' perspective. It's light, bright, pretty, sparkly and just all-around lovely.