Whisper it quietly, but I've always rather fancied myself a bit of a Bond Girl. A quick poll of my female friends tells me that I am not alone. All that glamour, that adventure, that 007 … who could resist. It's always been just a tad out of reach. Lack of money, beauty and a mad criminal sugar daddy always seem to have put paid to that. But this year, with a brand spanking new Bond film, Skyfall, set to thrill us all, it seems there are plenty of oportunities for even the most devout Raggedy Ann Girl to get herself just a bit of the Bond Girl bling.

Jewellery brand Swarovski have teamed up with designer Stephen Webster to create a range of Skyfall jewellery. It is worn in the movie by Bond Girl Severine  and is also available to buy online and from Swarovski outlets. But if rather expensive, if beautiful and striking, costume jewellery isn't quite within your budget, there is still an option.

OPI, the nail polish brand adored by professionals and fashionistas alike, has its own Skyfall tie-in. Several of them are used in the film and, oh boy, are they glamorous and gorgeous!

 Beautiful vibrant colours combine with glossy, lacquered textures and interesting finishes to create everything you could imagine a Bond themed nail polish collection could be. And each colour is named after a classic Bond film.

There are reds like the bright apple shimmer of Die Another Day, You Only Live Twice and its glass-flecked cherry red and the creamy burgundy of Skyfall. A plum (Casino Royale), a purple-blue (Tomorrow Never Dies), and a host of dark and dangerous shades like the deep shimmering taupe of The World is Not Enough and the pewter-charcoal of On Her Majesty's Secret Service.  There's even a near-black green with copper and green sparkles (Live and Let Die). Glitter and nail art fans will love The Living Daylights with its hexagonal copper, teal, silver and gold particles which can be used alone or over any of the other colours. For those wanting outrageous sparkle, OPI offer Goldeneye. It's a full-on and full-coverage glittery metallic gold with tiny particles for a really striking look. If you can run to it, and it you can locate a bottle, there's also the very limited edition The Man With the Golden Gun which contains genuine flakes of 18 karat gold suspended in a clear base. The effect, whether painted over a dark, bright or pale base coat is stunning. It costs much more than the normal bottle of polish, but on the up side removal is much easier than a glitter polish.

There really is something for everyone. And, much as I loved last Christmas' Muppets collection, this really is one to shout about.