When spring comes along we're often tempted to rethink our 'look'. But these days who can afford to buy a complete new wardrobe? Far better, and more cost-effective, surely, to tweak our beauty routines?

So here are our five simple, quick, inexpensive and guaranteed ways to revamp ourselves for spring, without breaking the bank.


If you look in just about every magazine, you'll know it's all about brows this Spring. But, dark, thick and even bushy, some of the catwalk-inspired looks are, quite frankly, scary. Especially if you happen to have naturally wild brows to begin with. But fear not, you can rock the bold brow trend without looking like you have a pair of particularly ugly caterpillars stationed above your eyes. Most of us a used to a more refined look but a slightly thicker brow does appear more youthful than a painfully thin one. You still want to shape you brown to an attractive shape, you just don't want to take quite so much away. I always rely on a brow-threader to deal with my very unruly, and somewhat curly, brows, so I leave myself in their hands when it comes to shape and size. To keep with the trends I just alter the depth and intensity of the colour I use to define them. The fact is, I don't like my face with bushy brows, so this season I'm going with keeping them tidy and going a bit darker.

Our favourite brow fixers: Smashbox Brow-Tech to Go, Shavata Brow Perfecter and Benefit Brows-A-Go-Go

Remember, you're eyebrows provide the frame for your face so you need to feel comfortable and look classy, don't take the bushy trend too far.

Freshen Up

We all want baby-fresh, glowy skin, right? But most of us, particularly at this time of year, look in the mirror only to find quite the opposite looking back at us. After months of battering winds and cold air assaulting our faces, even the most cared-for complexion is starting to look a little jaded, dull and murky. A simple solution is a gentle exfoliation and a little more nurturing, but makeup can help more than you might think.  Primers that impart a little glow, blushers that give a lit-from-within lift and skin-mimicking foundations all help to make us look fresh and clean. If you're the bronzing type, try a soft one for a hint of sunshine. Remember, don't be too shimmery – we're going for clean and fresh, not shiny and sparkly. Radiant not radioactive. Simple.

Some of our favourite products: Smashbox Camera-Ready BB Cream, Bobbi Brown Brightening Finishing Powder and New CID i-Glow in Ice Pop

Soft, pretty, radiant skin is the basis for all modern makeup. So, once you've perfected it, you can happily move into the next hot look - au naturale.

Go Natural

Now, don't panic here. We're not talking about wearing no makeup at all (oh, that we could). In fact, the natural look actually needs quite a few products to look good. Nude tones on the eyes, cheeks and lips are flattering and make you look groomed and cared-for. They also have the advantage of working with any colour of clothing you might choose to wear, making them perfect for your professional life. But you need to pick the right colours for your skintone. And, in order to look well-groomed and not like a mannequin left over from the 1970s, careful application and great blending is essential. Picking the right colours isn't always easy. You have to take into account your natural skin colour. If, like me, you're beyond pale you might need the assistance of a professional (or at least a makeup counter assistant). Be careful here, as we all know some makeup saleswomen can be all about the sell when they really ought to be about the client. Counters I know I can always trust to find something that will actually suit me are Bobbi Brown, Benefit and Smashbox.

Products we like: Bobbi Brown Brightening Nudes Collection, Bobbi Brown Ultra Nudes Palette, Boots No 7 Brightening Eye Palette, New CID i-Pout lipstick.

Now you've mastered the natural and nude looks, you're ready to add in that pop of colour, and this season, that colour is bright and bold.

Be Bright

The neon trend is everywhere right now. But you'll probably have noticed that, in fashion, it really only appears in bursts of colour, not as an all-over block. The same goes with Spring's beauty trends. The whole neon-and-nude thing works perfectly because it satisfies those who prefer a brighter look, without scaring off those who prefer to keep it more demure. A bold fuschia or bright coral-red lip or a zingy blue eyeliner really are bold enough, even when teamed with the pared-down neutrals on the rest of the face. It's a trend even the most timid amongst us can handle.

We love: Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Colour in Guava,  New CID i-Gloss in Cherry Pop (from the Pretty in Pink Collection available from QVC UK) and New CID i-Gel Palette in Emerald, Midnight Blue & Indigo.

Now for the fun part - matching those nails 

Finish It Off

As far as I'm concerned the single-most simple and important thing you can change to your look is to paint on a new nail colour. From fabulous sherbet tones to ultra nudes, nail colour is the ultimate accessory.This spring it's all about looking expensive so look after those cuticles and make sure your manicure is chip-free at all times. Nail art and fancy textures are still 'in' as are the neons. Just be sure to avoid the cheap-looking horrible and gaudy headache-inducing ones and opt instead for bright, funky, energetic shades. Even if you don't feel comfortable rocking Beyonce's current favourite neon blue nails, or a egg-yolk yellow, you'll probably be perfectly happy with bright fuschia or coral.

Try: Nails Inc Neon and Nudes Collection, Nails Inc Baker Street, Leighton Denny Coral Reef and OPI's Nicky Minaj range, or for a pared-back look check out Nails Inc's A-Listers Collection