It's nothing new for us to advocate the use of scented candles to facilitate a change of mood. Neither is it surprising that we might suggest using our favourite brand of scented candle – Yankee Candle. While there are dozens of other scented candle brands, and while we use some of them from time to time (the all-white Kringle Candles, crackling Woodwicks and soya-based Hanna's Candles our preferred choices), it's really always Yankee to which we turn when we want reliable burn, yummy fragrances and value for money.  So, in the spirit of sharing, here are ten autumnal Yankees you'll likely find warming up Chez Raggedy Ann right now.


Salted Caramel: in a candle? Well, yes! The world's gone wild for salty-sweet these past few years and now we can indulge in a calorie-free way. It smells exactly true, true! Who knew salt had a smell?

Camomile Tea: a very comforting, yet sweet, fragrance with a hint of warm honey. A good all-rounder. We don't even like drinking camomile tea and we love it! 

Red Velvet: Overwhelmingly vanilla-y, but with a twist of extra sweetness. But not overpoweringly so. A lovely one to light after a day at work. Unwind, cuddle up and relax.

Sandalwood Vanilla: Warm and inviting with a hint of old-fashioned spice. If it's traditional with a modern twist you're craving, then this is the candle for you.

Creamy Caramel: Imagine some kind soul is making a batch of toffee apples. Not the horrid bright red concoctions you get in the supermarkets, but a proper golden caramel encased apple on a stick. Now imagine no mess, no effort and no calories. That's this candle. Yum.  


Candied Apple: A true crisp apple, coated in a crisp shell of fruity candy. This is not a caramel apple, rather a bright red, crunchy-crispy treat. Go on, indulge!

Blueberry Scone: If you just love the fruitfulness of harvest-time and if your favourite way of relaxing is baking sweet treats for the family, you'll just love this candle.

Cranberry Chutney: Tangy, tart and just a little bit sweet. This candle is like fresh cranberry sauce. If you've ever been to New England in the Fall, then this is the smell of just about every gift shop you visit.

Mandarin Cranberry: Same old cranberries? Absolutely not! Fresh, refreshing, zesty and full of Autumn sunshine, this candle is a wake-up call for the senses. It says muffins for breakfast, soup and sandwich for lunch and a lovely roast for dinner. Sounds weird, we know, but it does. Honest.

Autumn Fruit: With a blend of blackberries, pears and purple grapes,  this jar brings the scent of the orchard at harvest time right into your home. Delicious. Go and bake a pie. 


Autumn Lodge:  Imagine you're in Yellowstone Park, you've just waited an age to watch Old Faithful burst into life, now you're cold, you're tired and you're headed back to your room in the nearby lodge. As you open the door you can smell old leather armchairs, a wood fire burning and just a touch of a sweet pipe tobacco. Or you could just light this candle!

Vanilla Chai: the ginger and cinnamon and vanilla are grounded with a lovely earthy base of tea. Just enough spice to tell you it's autumn, but not so much that you'd be mistaken into thinking you'd walked into a spice warehouse!

Blissful AutumnThe trees are heavy with fruit. You blackberry stains on your fingers and someone, somewhere, is tending a bonfire. 

Mistletoe and Fig: Originally intended as a Christmas fragrance, this is one of our all-time favourites. When you've guests over for dinner. When you're feeling the chill. When you don't want too distinct a fragrance. That is when you reach for this one. Somehow it makes us think of a cosy house draped in a damp mist. Everything just feels better.

Mountain Lodge: You're sitting in an old leather armchair in front of a roaring wood fire. You have a favourite book in your hand. On the small table beside you rests a glass of good red wine. Actually none of that is true, you're burning a Yankee Candle Mountain Lodge. But you're happy, relaxed and contended.