10 Shallow Things That Shouldn't Make You Feel Guilty!

Okay, here at Raggedy Ann Girl we're all about shrinking away from the superficial, but sometimes, just sometimes mind, even we need a little bit of self indulgence. The truth is we're all shallow - at least I know I am. And I'm pretty sure we're all capable of shallow thoughts and deeds from time to time. While this isn't something we should all be striving for, it seems to me that this is not necessarily always a bad thing. Doesn't it do us all good, occasionally, to crave something 'just because' or to not think of the reason we want it? And, surely, if we know we're being shallow, aren't we being just a little bit profound about it too?

So, having validated some of my baser thoughts (I don't know about you, but I'm convinced), here is a little list of shallow thoughts and deeds that I don't think we should worry too much about  … we're human after all!

 It may be shallow but it's okay to …

… be like a child in a sweet shop about a new nail polish/lipstick/sweater/gadget. (Nothing wrong with a bit of instant gratification)

… make a note in a diary (or Tweet or Facebook it) when we get a compliment from a stranger. (It doesn't happen that often - or is that just me?)

… change your phone as soon as your provider lets you. Even though your old one works fine, looks pristine and there are still a few facilities you haven't used yet. (They want to give you something pretty. For free. Where's the harm?)

… not fess up when someone asks whether your latest bit of bling is 'real'. (Of course it's real. It's not real diamonds, obviously, but …)

… want that team to win solely because you fancy the Swedish midfielder. (Sweden - World Cup 2002 - Freddie Ljungberg - been there, done that …)

… cross the road to put money in the charity tin of the much better looking bloke on the other side (This in no way detracts from the fact you are donating to charity)

… put a marschino cherry in your Babycham just because it looks cute (Look, it makes you happy & it's not harming anyone else!)

…  crave something sparkly (they're sequins, that's all)

… take a leaflet/business card/advert from someone solely because they paid you a compliment.

… not take one from someone because they didn't.