10 Simple Pleasures That Make Us Smile

Here at Raggedy Ann Girl  in a Barbie Doll World we like to focus on  the positive things in life. On the simple things that make us smile and just feel better. So here, almost off the top of our heads and, as they say, in no particular order, are a list of 10 things that make us smile. 

1     Pancakes for breakfast because it means we have time to linger   

       a little longer before we start our day.

2     Christmas lights are guaranteed to lift the gloom every time.

3     Kitten kisses because nothing beats a furry nose in the face

4     Snow, in fact all snow-related things like snowmen, snowflakes

       and snowballing.

5     Finding a secret place that you just come across along the way.

6    Supporting your team through the good times & bad

7    Finding a perfect bloom.

8     A real fire in the hearth, or on the patio.

9     A favourite photograph of good times.

10   Bringing in the harvest - as small or large as it may be


A good morning - pancake with homemade blueberry syrup

Furry and purry

our secret place - Ballidon in Derbyshire

God just has all the good artwork

Celebrating a birthday with lovely people

Lighting away the gloom

Let is snow, let it snow, let it snow!

 Pride Park not always a happy place but we love it!

Cosy, or what?